Who is SPARC?

Team 5665 (a.k.a SPARC) is the team of Sainte Pulchérie French High School and was established in 2015 with the contributions of Fikret Yuksel Foundation located in Istanbul, Turkey. We have been participating in FRC since 2015.Having started off solely with 18 students and 1 mentor in the same year, we have successfully expanded our team owing to the welcoming and accepting standpoint on science and technology here in Turkey. With this rather colossal progress, we have admitted students from all over our country and last year, we reached 55 students and 7 mentors. As a result, SPARC has claimed its well-deserved title of having the most number of students among all Turkish FRC teams. We also presented the FRC to them and helped them by all means to create and manage their own teams. As a consequence of the competitions being held in the U.S., just like any other foreign team, we too have had numerous amounts of problems concerning the transport, the accommodation, the fund and even all at the same time. However, we have learnt over time how to properly plan out our funds which, now and again, has been insufficient. There has also been several times where we have had to contribute to our goal by spending our ever so loved pocket money. Last year our team consisted of 26 students and a mentor. This year we are 43 students in total. By learning how to think as one and finding solutions to problems which would otherwise derail people’s daily lives, we believe that we are getting closer to our goal every passing day: Developing robots in the finest way possible.

Team Mission

While everyone was busy dreaming about going to the Moon, Neil Armstrong chased after his dreams, making him the first man to ever set foot there. Just like Armstrong, we weren’t satisfied with “dreaming”; instead, we went out into the world in the hopes of making a difference.

Our foremost principle is not to improve solely within ourselves, but to bring people up with us while improving. That is why it doesn’t suffice to share our projects in Turkey; we choose to carry the light of science out into any dark alleyway, while also chanting from the top of our lungs that being an ‘Armstrong’ isn’t in fact that hard.

Hence, we take any measure necessary like building science, engineering and technology to inspire innovation while nourishing crucial skills like curiosity, creativity, risk taking, openness, perseverance, leadership and self-confidence.